Artists Against Police Violence (AAPV) conducted an interactive art workshop to harness innovative ways to respond and organize against police violence through writing, drawing, and design.  A campus-wide installation project, RISD Dye-In was created. a artistic response to acknowledge, discuss, and respond to the recent events emerging from Ferguson, MO and New York addressing the history and contemporary issues germane to black lives and American policing. 
The project began with giving each participate a life sized roll of paper to draw an outline of them selves and then left to do with it as they want to interpret. This is referring to the die in protesting where people of color "die" at the site to represent all the slain people of color by the police. 
In my response, I think about the unseen effect of the death on the family and the ripples it's had on the world. The living will carry us on. 

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